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Co-Codamol Generic Ultram

Co-codamol is an effective analgesic that allows many pain sufferers in the UK to enjoy prescription pain relief that works every day. From our UK registered pharmacy, we offer co-codamol prescription to UK residents via our online consultation.

Whether you suffer from migraine, toothache, muscle pain or period pain you can find relief from your symptoms with our prescription codeine products online. Choosing from strong co codamol prescription medicine and over the counter strength co codamol, you benefit from our free online consultation.

As an opioid, codeine works by blocking the pain receptors in your brain while working with your own endorphin release. Our clinically tested branded products include Tylex ® Kapake ® Zapain ® Solpadol ® Codipar® and Cocodamol and are all proven to work.

Buy prescription co-codamol today and experience the pain relief our customers do when choosing our reputable online pharmacy.

Pain Relief Treatments

Co Codamol 30/500mg

100 Tablets



-- --

230 Tablets



Kapake 30/500mg

100 Tablets



Solpadol 30/500mg

200 Tablets